Risorgimento collection

From 1925, Giovanni Podenzana started to gather objects and antiques of the period leading to the unification of Italy (Risorgimento) and of the First World War, to form the historical museum section. In the following years, many donors gave military items and weapons.

The most important nucleus is the one left by Attilio Pepi’s widow that consists of items belonged to people from La Spezia and Lunigiana, which took part in the Expedition of the Thousand: letters and telegrams sent by Giuseppe Garibaldi, personal objects, pictures, paintings and prints, newspapers, original documents.

Others items, very important and rare, were donated by families from La Spezia: Baleani, Formentini, Invernizzi, Lucarini, Mazzini, Piaggio, Podenzana, Poggi, Poli, Purro, Svanascini, Viale and Zannoni.

Moreover, in the section are included three pieces belonged to the Countess of Catiglione: a velvet jacket, a photograph and a business cards album.

 Giuseppe Garibaldi con il Dottor  Nelaton Virginia Oldoini Contessa di Castiglione