Exhibitions in progress


Recalling the past through still lives


The Museum takes part in the Still Life Project of the Civic Museums of La Spezia in two ways: loaning items of the Natural History and Anthropological Sections that will be on display at CAMeC; setting up, on the top floor, two still lives that recall, through the use of several ethnografic items, the Local and Exotic Sections. One is dedicated to the house weaving and the other to Giovanni Podenzana, ethnographer first curator of the Museum. 

Museo Civico Etnografico ‘Giovanni Podenzana’
via del Prione, 156
19121 – La Spezia
tel. 0187 727781
@ museo.etnografico@comune.sp.it

Opening times:
Thursday 10 – 12.30
Friday 10 – 12.30 and 16 - 19