City memories

The collection of the Museo Etnografico include salso epitaphs, overdoors, emblems, commemorative plaques… made of marble, stone and slate and which come from religious and civil city buildings. The most part of marble objects used to be decorations of destroyed churches, such as the one in the Convent of the Poor Clares, or of churches that had been transformed into buildings with different use, such as the one dedicated to S. Francis, nowadays inside the perimeter of the Naval Base and headquarters of the Carabinieri; marble spirals and basins enriched refined buildings. Emblems used to adorn and identified façades of public buildings, such as the orphanage.

In this Museum section are also included items donated by families from La Spezia: clothes, fornitures, books, and pictures that refer to daily life in the past.

It is very interesting the nucleus of printed sheets of paper where it is possible to read poems written on the occasion of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries Carnival parades: they are some of the few ancient proves of the local dialect.

Canzonetta del Carnevale, 1894 Accessori da signora, inizio secolo XX Insegna da orfanotrofio cittadino, secolo XIX